Jesus’ Family Tree – December 20, 6:00 PM

Come Join us for our Christmas Program on Sunday, December 20 at 6:00 PM. There will be vocal and instrumental pieces, congregational singing, and a skit, Jesus’ Family Tree. All of history led up to Jesus as God’s salvation for a broken world. Delicious snacks around lots of laughter will be enjoyed after the program.


Welcome to Straits EFC. We desire to build bridges of love in the Straits area. Jesus Christ bridged the gap between us and our Maker when He died on the cross in our place and rose again. Because of His death in our place, we can take His place in the Father's presence, adopted as children of God. It is our earnest prayer that you would know and embrace this good news and that you would come to experience the joy of living in a personal relationship with Jesus.
Pastor Bill Caroffino